Monday, May 13, 2013

Lonely Graves - an Introduction

For over a year I have been working on a book about three early murder cases in the Texas Panhandle. Many of you have asked what the book was about and when it would be out. Well the time is almost here, I will be going to the press very soon and the book will be out shortly after that. So…at this time I would like to provide an introduction to all my Panhandle Tidbits friends:

LONELY GRAVES- A Texas Murder Trilogy

October 1897: a Panhandle, Texas Methodist minister decides to slip his faithful wife of seventeen years a lethal dose of strychnine the day after their 17th wedding anniversary.

Christmas Eve 1926: authorities in Parmer County discover the worst case of family annihilation this country has ever recorded after unearthing the remains of eight children and their mother.

June 1930: an Amarillo, Texas peaceful summer morning is turned into pandemonium when a blonde-colored Durant automobile drives through the gates of the quaint Country Club Addition and suddenly explodes, hurling metal and body parts all over the neighborhood.

In each case, the husband is arrested. How does a person who has no doubt loved an individual, taken wedding vows, shared a bed and a life, decide to murder that loved one?

Octave Mirbeau, French journalist, novelist and playwright said, “Murder is born of love, and love attains the greatest intensity in murder.”

Interesting concept, but, after going over vast amounts of research, I have come to the conclusion that although each case and each individual is miles apart, the common denominator is an inability to feel compassion. Whether this deficiency is something a person is born with, learned behavior or attributed to environment, is a matter for the professionals. 

In so many murder cases, the perpetrator is from a "good family," with responsible and successful parents and siblings. This is true in each of the cases in this book. Each came from hardworking families, they were well respected in their communities, attended church, and two of the subjects had college degrees. All three descended to the lowest depths of society by murdering the person who loved and trusted them the most.

If this looks like a book you'd be interested in reading, check the right side bar to order a copy. The cost is $22.00, plus tax per book (if sold to a Texas address) and postage is $4.00 shipping & handling to anywhere in the continental U.S.

Please let me know if you want a copy by leaving a comment, or by e-mail. 

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