Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I am absolutely thrilled but… at the same time a bit apprehensive; well maybe more than a bit, my book is at the printer. 

After two years, hundreds of miles, dozens of interviews, and over 70,000 typed words, "LONELY GRAVES, A Texas Murder Trilogy" will soon be in my hands.  That part is thrilling. The apprehension comes when it eventually gets to the hands of readers. Will they like it? Did I find all the errors? 

When I worked at the Canyon News I had a cartoon on my desk about typos. I don’t remember it exactly but it was about how typos hide from you. They are very tiny and hide behind other words & pictures & even other letters until the finished copy is in your hand and they grow to enormous size jump out and say BOO! Anyone who has ever had anything in print knows how true that cartoon is. It’s just a fact, you’re never going to catch everything, and I accept that. 

The thing that bothers me much more than typos is facts. We live in an era when many have tried to rewrite history, to change events to make them more acceptable, I don’t.  Whatever bad light shines on an individual or a happening, I want  to write the truth. I shudder to think I might write some falsehood, no matter how trivial, and at some future date it be taken as fact.  I try and verify every piece of information I write by more than one source. 

I am not a formally educated writer. I am more of a story teller with a small platform from which to proclaim. History intrigues me. I love to prowl through old records and newspapers and share with you what I found. The era I like best is the early 20th century, a time when freedom of speech was practiced at will; when no rules or laws, written and unwritten, prevented reporters from telling what really happened. Everything was reported. If you were ten years old and got caught vandalizing a property, your name was in the paper.  Statements from suspects were printed in the paper before a trial date was set.  I’m not saying it was the right thing to do, I’m saying it makes for fun research.

But back to the book. I truly hope you all will buy a copy and so hope you like it. There are many names and locations mentioned we are all familiar with. All three murders made national headlines. Events are sometimes unbelievable, but they happened. 

There will be book signings scheduled when I have a definite date of completion from the printer.
The book will be in a limited quantity and is available for sale now on this blog through PayPal.  So if you would like to order a copy now to assure you get a copy please do so. 

And thank you, my readers, for being such great supporters!


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